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Acoustic Revive

Acoustic Revive CS-3K Power Stabilizer

Acoustic Revive CS-3K Power Stabilizer

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  • Very suitable for users who play CAS
  • It adopts a special physical structure internally and is plugged into a vacant power socket to absorb excess vibration and greatly improve the stability of AC current.
  • By reducing the digital flavor and enhancing the analog feel, the overall music fluency and mid-frequency richness will be improved, and the background will become quieter.
  • It can be used in wall plugs, and can also be used in different countries, different voltages, extension boards, filtered power supplies, regeneration or isolation cows.
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Knowing your cables, Knowing your system

An observation to the majority to buy due to some websites are highly recommended, but do you know what you are really buying, and are they the best fit to your current audio system?

We encourage you to know better your current audio system before buying/upgrading. Save your budget on the right choice!

Welcome to contact us for free consultation for your audio system.

  • What is CRYO?

    Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold applying on the metal of the cable. This technology allows your cable to be upgraded by enhancing conductivity, erasing interference, and re-arranging the metal particles in order.

    Your cable will bring to your system more clarity, more detail, less background noises, and better music listening.

  • What is QBT?

    Quantum Burning Technology applies a similar but reverse polarity frequency against noise, so the noise will be cancelled out. It may takes a longer run-in time than cables without QBT treatment. But the benefits of it is permanant.

    Your cables will bring to your system better position of the sounds, better silhouette, and openness.