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Harmonic Technology

Harmonic Technology Muse OS SCS Square Monocrystalline Silver Power Cord

Harmonic Technology Muse OS SCS Square Monocrystalline Silver Power Cord

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  • The MUSE OS square single crystal silver wire developed by the manufacturer with square core conductor technology has no center point, which greatly reduces the impact of the skin effect, making the three-band signal transmission more consistent and coherent.
  • Composed of 8 AWG20 square single crystal silver conductors, it is very suitable for front-end equipment with less current, such as preamps, CD players, master clocks, etc.
  • In terms of structural design, "upper 45-degree angle spiral arrangement" is used. This arrangement is like a DNA arrangement pattern, which enhances durability and softness.
  • Due to the "helical arrangement at an upper 45-degree angle", the magnetic fields cancel each other out, creating a natural shielding effect and improving background quietness. Compared with traditional metal shielding, the sound is more open
  • Single crystal silver OS is better than single crystal copper OC in terms of high frequency extension and analytical power. Moreover, the high-frequency lines are more beautiful, and the sense of air and micro-dynamics are excellent.
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  • What is CRYO?

    Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold applying on the metal of the cable. This technology allows your cable to be upgraded by enhancing conductivity, erasing interference, and re-arranging the metal particles in order.

    Your cable will bring to your system more clarity, more detail, less background noises, and better music listening.

  • What is QBT?

    Quantum Burning Technology applies a similar but reverse polarity frequency against noise, so the noise will be cancelled out. It may takes a longer run-in time than cables without QBT treatment. But the benefits of it is permanant.

    Your cables will bring to your system better position of the sounds, better silhouette, and openness.