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OBIT Audio

OBIT Audio I25 Composite Metal Pins

OBIT Audio I25 Composite Metal Pins

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  • The Taiwanese brand OBIT Audio composite metal mat, under the optical field of Dr. Chen Ruiren, uses the different light refraction characteristics of the different materials and thicknesses of the multi-layer film to control the amount of light penetration or reflection, because sound and light are both Using this principle to apply waves of different frequencies to audio, OBIT mats were born.
  • The pad material contains hard and soft metals. Through the different properties of soft and hard, it can coordinate to the most ideal vibration frequency.
  • Two metals, gold and silver, are used for staggered welding, and then go through very time-consuming and complicated manual production, grinding, polishing, laser engraving, and baking paint, so that the appearance is not only fine, smooth and anti-oxidation, but also the effect is very obvious.
  • I25 is a pad material with a diameter of 25mm, suitable for use as foot pads for equipment and speakers.
  • There are more micro details, making the effects of tail notes and overtones more obvious. The sound is more open, and the positioning and image are not reduced but increased. The sense of energy is significantly improved. The low frequency is more elastic and the high frequency tail sound is more elegant, making the overall system more lively and hearty.
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  • What is CRYO?

    Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold applying on the metal of the cable. This technology allows your cable to be upgraded by enhancing conductivity, erasing interference, and re-arranging the metal particles in order.

    Your cable will bring to your system more clarity, more detail, less background noises, and better music listening.

  • What is QBT?

    Quantum Burning Technology applies a similar but reverse polarity frequency against noise, so the noise will be cancelled out. It may takes a longer run-in time than cables without QBT treatment. But the benefits of it is permanant.

    Your cables will bring to your system better position of the sounds, better silhouette, and openness.